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    Septet Systems is a New York City company with a world-wide
    management delivering innovative data management solutions
    to its international client base.
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    We bring custom search and analytic solutions for leading edge,
    yet easy to use tools for extracting and organizing information.
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    Our company draws from decades of expertise in the telecommunications,
    information sciences, and military information systems.

Septet Systems

Septet Systems Inc. was formed to address the need for easy-to-use tools that provide useful information analysis to a broad range of users. Our philosophy advocates server-based tools for accessing and analyzing data from the World Wide Web and proprietary data sources. This approach is an alternative to costly investments in proprietary tools that enterprises (and individuals) are often faced with.
Our decades of collective information management expertise has brought to the market award winning services such as k-sync (for “knowledge synchronization”) as well a custom solutions for corporate and government databases and websites.


Septet Systems began as a custom solutions group dedicated to providing leading edge, easy to use tools for extracting and organizing information. Our company draws from decades of expertise in the telecommunications, information sciences, and military information systems.
One of our earliest products from the mid 1990s, "Village", was among the first to explore the concept of community building through the repositories of information that users in a community of interest would build and maintain. Of course, this concept is nowadays better known as "social networking". Village also exploited early approaches to distributed Web search. Many of the concepts in Village have been leveraged in our later TX-Miner and k-sync products.
Today, our award-winning k-sync brings to everyday and professional Web users a capability to store, organize, and share information in a simple way without the need for expensive proprietary information management tools.


Plagium (www.plagium.com) is a Web-based tool that assists in the discovery of plagiarized content on the World Wide Web. Likewise, Plagium can be applied to track the legitimate usage of content, such as syndicated news stories carried by multiple Web sites. Plagium can also be used to track the appearance of fraudulent Web sites whose purpose is to steal user confidential information (such as credit card information), while attempting to resemble a legitimate Web site.
Plagium is offered free of charge to casual users. A Deep Search capability enables users to perform a more exhaustive analysis of larger documents for usage of text within the documents over the Web. Plagium's alert feature automatically warns users on a periodic basis when a newly found Web site contains text of interest.
Plagium now has API modules that enable Web site owners and text management services to incorporate an in-line plagiarism checking facility. Institutional packages are likewise available to Plagium users in schools, professional societies, and other organizations that can take advantage of volume usage of the service at a reduced price.

We invite you to explore how Septet can meet your future data organization and management needs through innovative, server-based solutions that reflect a new thinking in how business over the Web should be conducted.

- Septet Systems -

Meet Our Team

We meet and get to know you. You tell us and we listen.
We conceptualize and developp your application to realize your vision and we deliver the ready product.

  • Ben Epstein

    / Acting Chairman and President

    Dr. Epstein has held executive positions in technology start-ups related to broadband media and communications. He served as VP of Business Development at France Telecom’s US operations, overseeing their investment activities in North America and the roll out of new international data communications and video services. Dr. Epstein also spent eight years as Member Technical Staff at Sarnoff Corp. (formerly RCA Laboratories), where he executed projects involving RF/microwave systems design, simulation, and testing, as well as supercomputer applications in intelligence analysis. Dr. Epstein is a Senior Member of the IEEE (Computers, Communications groups), and also a member of Sigma Xi, Tau Beta Pi, SCTE, and AAAS, with numerous publications on the topics of nonlinear simulation, circuit fault analysis, and RF/microwave propagation. He holds the Ph.D. degree (University of Pennsylvania School of Engineering and Applied Sciences), MBA (NY University Stern School of Business), and the BS in Electrical Engineering (University of Rochester). He presently serves as a subject matter expert in microwave/RF communications, radar, and network security for government and commercial customers.

  • Guillaume Herisson

    / Software Engineer

    Guillaume Herisson is an accomplished computer scientist and linguist, with 20 years experience in developments for natural language and text mining applications. He received the M.A. from the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (Social Sciences, High Studies School, Paris, 1992) and M.S. from the French School for Computer and Electronics (EFREI, Paris, 1991) He has served as a CTO for TextAgent Technologies, developing tools for business intelligence and information analysis. Clients have included the French military and police, European military industry, and a major telecom company. As a CTO for MOST SARL (Paris), Mr. Hérisson conducted R&D for natural language processing of technical documentation and failure scenario analysis at Aerospatiale in the project AMDEC (Analyse des Modes de Défaillance et de leur Effets et Criticité - Failure Mode Effects & Criticality Analysis), as used for Ariane 5 project and M-45 and M-5 missiles. He has worked on different projects based on natural language process in France, Brazil and United States. Mr. Herisson possesses strong experience in the development of highly structured algorithms and interfaces in C and Java on both UNIX and Windows platforms.

  • Jean Zeitoun

    / Senior Advisor

    Jean Zeitoun, is a graduate one of the leading French Engineering schools (Ecole Polytechnique, Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées) and holds a Ph.D. in Social Sciences. Mr. Zeitoun has successfully developed and implemented innovative content retrieval and analysis tools over the past 10 years. He helped developed one of the first French systems for "Image Synthesis", a fault detection software for the aerospace industry, and has been involved in the Internet since its early days. He also served in numerous advisory positions to government entities and published numerous articles and authored several books. He benefits from an extensive network in France which provides him with access to leading corporations and is a well respected member of the research community.

Our Services

Our services enable our clients to cextract intelligence from available information on hand. Technology expertise covers relational and unstructured databases, Web portal design to access the databases, and applications that work with internal corporate data or publically available data from the World Wide Web and Dark Nets. We take on only a small number of clients at once. Likewise, we do not bloat our projects with layers of management and inexperienced help. Septet's dedicated team of software engineers and intelligence analysts focus on the client's requirements. This approach, plus our low overhead, assures a high degree of professionalism in our work for only a modest cost.

Specification & Conception

We start each project by working with the client to affirm the client’s objectives. Then we define the scope of work, scheduling, and pricing. All milestones are to be met with concrete objectives and deliverables.

  • Client Objectives
  • Goal Definition
  • Priorities
  • Deliverables
  • Cost

Iterative Development

Our iterative coding and systems development methods enable Septet to release results to the client at various stage of the solution development. This assures the client that the work is on track, without surprises at the end.

  • NodeJS
  • .NET
  • Java
  • MS SQL Server, mySQL, DynamoDB, Elasticsearch
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Bootstrap, jQuery
  • Google Map/Earth
  • Google Analytics
  • Payment Gateways
  • Page scraping
  • Packet interception
  • Responsive Web Design

Integration & Evolution

The Septet staff is well familiar with integrating data from a multiplicity of sources, across different middleware platforms and across end-user computers and browsers.

  • SEO
  • Web Site Integration
  • Google AdSense/AdWords
  • Maps
  • Analytics

Our Clients

Septet Systems provides companies technologies to extract information from structured and unstructured text data.

Contact Us

Septet Systems is based in New York City.


You may reach us by email at:

1(212) 428 6733 info@septetsystems.com septetsystems.com